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Written by Dani Abulhawa and Sarah Spanton

During Hazard, Ann’s Square felt strangely like a gallery space, a physically contained rectangle with seating and sculptural features laid out within the space. The festival was contained within this rectangle, with a few of the pieces bursting out of this frame and into side streets. Some walks roamed the space, some were static. But regardless of their mobility you could understand many of the works presented during the festival as both interrupting their urban street setting and being assimilated by it.

In Stephen Sheehan’s Challenging a Brick, his 3 minute action of screaming at a brick created an aural interruption of Market Street, but this space is one in which displays of spectacle are part of the fabric and people are used to watching eccentric street performances.



Carboot Disco Bingo by Bingo Megg and Disco Jazz invited passers-by to participate in games of bingo using disco dance moves. Hannah Rohn and Signhild Wærsted’s Do Touch the Artwork gave over a small section of the square’s pavement to a mass of beans. People could step into the area in bare feet and experience the pleasurable sensation of the beans underfoot. Both works interrupted a typical Saturday afternoon of shopping activity, by presenting an opportunity for all to take part in experiential play, however this was often capitalized upon by passing families seeking free entertainment.


Dental Portraiture (Know By Mouth) by Harald Smykla, saw the artist sculpting participating sitters’ faces in apples, with his teeth: as the day progressed these dried out and browned like mini shrunken heads. Leo Burtin’s Homemade: Le Bistroquet offered free food in exchange for a recipe, to be published as a collection in the near future. In terms of assimilation these works borrowed their formats from typical stalls and artists stands that appear in city centre square’s such as this: the artists drew people into their works before confounding their expectations.



Image credits: 1. /2. Stephen Sheehan / Hazard, 3. Sarah Spanton / Hanna Rohn + Signhild Wærsted, 4./5. Harald Smykla / Hazard



Written by Sarah Spanton

Most of the work at Hazard was sited in (or nearby to) St Ann’s Square and I wondered what my pattern of movement throughout the day would look like, as I interacted with the work and observed audiences responses.

I was present from 12 til 5pm, so wasn’t a typical audience member, who probably just passed through the space. I made a GPS track record of my journey around the Hazard festival, presented here in the form of several maps.

Hazard #1

Hazard #2

Hazard #3

Hazard Map copy