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From Mini-Symposium #2, Leeds 8.10.14 at Yorkshire Dance

Brief notes taken during Tim’s presentation:

  • Gift, generosity, exchange – common threads in solo practice
  • Microfestival ‘Giving into Gift’ – 2011/2012/2013
  • Reacting to personal interests – socially, politically
  • 2011 – About feeding into each other’s development process
  • Credits and debts – stories told / gathered
  • Symposium – electronic piracy, volunteering
  • ‘Horses Teeth’ – making work for other artist
  • Anonymous bone marrow donor, and Tim’s relationship with them
  • Sparking conversation
  • The ‘ends justify the means’
  • Craftsmanship – the joy of doing something well, not for £/prestige/reputation – challenging capitalism
  • Craftsmanship gets neglected.
  • An awareness of how our work (artists) affects societal change – thinking about how we work

Courage, C. (2014) Placemaking as Performative Art [online lecture] in Complicating the co-production of art: hidden humans and acting objects, ‘Royal Geographical Society Annual International Conference’. Held 29 August 2014 at Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) and Imperial College London. available from <>

  • Quote from Courage, ‘I also see a social practice placemaking as a new genre placemaking, away from the top-down proscribed regeneration or participatory placemaking of city authorities and developers with major public art commissions for example.’ p.4.

Hubbard, P., Kitchin, R., Valentine, G. (eds.) 2008. Key Thinkers on Space and Place. London: SAGE Publications.

  • Brilliant compilation of individuals who have been influential in this field – gives biographical info and chronological synopsis of key theories and interests.

Purves, T. (ed.) 2005. What We Want Is Free: Generosity and Exchange in Recent Art. Albany: State University of New York.

  • Transferring goods and services as art, ‘gift’ and ‘generosity’ as part of the artistic act, project histories (or case studies). Part Two covers the theoretical and historical background of exchange and giving.

Willats, S. 2012. Artwork as Social Model: A Manual of Questions and Propositions. Sheffield: RGAP (Research Group for Artists).

  • Case studies inc. transcripts, diagrams and time lines of projects that have the everyday, society and participants in common – all by artist Stephen Willats.

Social Model as Artwork

Bishop, C. 2012. Artificial Hells: Participatory Art and the Politics of Spectatorship. London: Verso.

  • Discusses the beginnings and history of participatory art, and its relationship to the political in Western society. Concludes with the need to recognise art as an experimental activity, and participatory art communicating to both spectators and participants.  Useful as an overview.

Image credit: Stephen Willats

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