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Social Works, by Shannon Jackson, Routledge, 2011

  • A wide-ranging study on socially engaged practice in a variety of contexts. Particularly interesting is Jackson’s analysis of how art practice can usefully intersect with institutions; she makes a well-argued challenge to the assumption that radical interventions can only operate at the grass-roots level.

Include Me Out!

Art and Participation

  • Two blog posts by Dave Beech of the Freee Art Collective on the risks and dangers within the current tendency towards fetishizing participation in art practice.

Homebaked / 2Up2Down

  • Originally initiated by artist Jeanne van Heeswijk and presented in the Liverpool Biennial in 2012, this cooperatively run Bakery and Community Land Trust provides a rich example of a meaningful intersection between art practice and a local community.

Homebaked - 600

The Author as Producer, by Walter Benjamin, New Left Review, 1970.

  • It’s nearly 50 years old now, but there’s still a lot of value in Benjamin’s demand for the manner in which art work is produced, to be an essential component of how it is understood.

On refusing to pretend to do politics in a museum, by John Jordan, Art monthly, 2010. Available online:

  • When the Tate Modern invited the Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination to run a workshop, they thought that they were just going to play at social justice. John Jordan documents this workshop, Tate’s attempts to censor them, and the birth of what has since become Liberate Tate.

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Interactions launches today! An artist development project led by a group of 5 experienced artists who make socially-engaged performance work and are based across the North West and in Yorkshire. To get involved in the programme, follow this blog (which provides a platform for reportage and debate on socially-engaged performance practice) and come to the two public Mini-symposiums on themes and issues currently arising from this key area of contemporary practice. These discursive and practice-focussed events will be held at:

  • The Bluecoat, Liverpool—Interactions Mini-Symposium #1  Fri 19.9.14         4.30—6.30pm
  • Yorkshire Dance, Leeds—Interactions Mini-Symposium #2  Weds 8.10.14    6.30—8.30pm

 Hazard Dani, Gisele and Sarah will be at Hazard on Saturday (12.7.14) investigating responses and reactions to the programme of work being seen in Manchester city centre. Hazard is ‘the biennial micro-festival of incidental intervention and sited performance, which blurs the boundaries between art and activism…’ Kris Canavan Hazard - 600 Image credit: Kris Canavan and Word of Warning