From Mini-Symposium #1, Liverpool, 19.9.14 at The Bluecoat

Presentation by Gillian Dyson on her work in relation to  socially engaged performance practice.

  • Communicating with people as the practice – links to teaching / educating
  • Beacon Arts, Louth – Still Life – live event, bringing the building to life (the role of regenerating the building)
  • Audience moved into a new role…
  • Symbolism and objects
  • Drawing class, poems, no instruction
  • Activating the retelling – Gaze, a dialogue
  • Art is in the state of the encounter
  • Art as having ‘affect’ and ‘effect’
  • Shelf Life – commission – use of Verbatim script
  • Who’s story is who’s?
  • Artists having the skills of crafting
  • Subject-object collapse of binary, spectator-actor – breaking down binary
  • Reciprocity, time and experience
  • Objects as symbols – as an easy way in
  • The work is live – haptic, in the doing
  • Spending time with people – ‘Conceit’ of the story-teller role – The community as subjects – authors
  • Commissioning agencies – issue of holding the legacy – Artists have limited budgets – not always able to hold legacy