On Friday 19.9.14, we held the first of two Interactions Mini-Symposiums, kindly hosted by The Bluecoat in Liverpool.

18 participants attended, and we had some highly engaging discussion, following presentations from Gisele Bone and Gillian Dyson, on motivation and intention and legacy in socially engaged performance, taking examples from their own practice as starting points.

Our next few posts will attempt to present some of the discussion and debate around the themes of legacy, motivation and intention, mapping a landscape for socially-engaged performance practice and more.



We hope that if you’d like to raise questions,  continue the discussions and tell us about your projects, that you’ll use our Facebook page.


And of course we really like you to come along to Mini-Symposium #2, at Yorkshire Dance on Weds 8.10.14 (6.30 – 8.30pm), and be part of the conversations about socially engaged performance practice, in tandem with presentations from Tim Jeeves and Dani Abulhawa.


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