Artists Dani Abulhawa, Gisele Bone and Sarah Spanton attended Hazard, Manchester on Sat 12.7.14. We’re planning to unpack our observations of the experience of participating in and witnessing Hazard, noting both individual works and as much as possible the audience responses to those works, as well as the micro festival as a whole.

Our thoughts are as artists, each with our own distinct perspective, responding to other artists’ work, how people engaged with the work and crucially we’re interested in unpacking and fleshing out themes and questions around socially-engaged performance practice.

Look out over the next couple of weeks for posts on disrupting city-spaces, gender politics, intimate encounters, alternative economic exchanges, time-wasting, ‘selfies’, mapping and audience responses.


Image credit: ‘The Leveller’, by Kris Canavan, in St Ann’s Place, taken by Sarah Spanton


Image credit: Cardboard (re)Generation by Oliver Palmer, on King Street, taken by Sarah Spanton


Image credit: People watching ‘Lifeboat’ by Institute for Crazy Dancing in St Ann’s Square, taken by Sarah Spanton